Recreating Nature

Our Vision

Our passion is water features. Whether it is a beautiful pond with lots of plants and fish or a 'pondless' waterfall with a fifty-foot stream and 10 different falls. We take pride in making each project better than the last. Our goal is to mimic what we see in nature so that after we have completed a water feature, it appears that it has been placed by Mother Nature.

We define our business on these core values:

  • Quality
  • Superior design
  • Service
  • Education

Give us the opportunity to share our passion with you. Call us today at (636) 223-2330 to explore the wonderful potential that you have to transform your yard into a natural paradise.

What People Are Saying

  • "Our friends and relatives have raved about our pond. Neighbors admire it. Strangers walking in the neighborhood have come into our back yard and complimented us on Nature's Re-Creation's labors..."

    - Ralph S.

  • "We are so happy with our pond and landscape. We are also very disappointed that we could not be on the tour this year and showcase what a quality job you deliver. We had too many family commitments this year to do it, but will commit to being on the tour next year and representing what you can deliver. It just reinforces that we made the right decision in choosing you to build our pond. As we heard many times last year when we were on the tour, 'we were told we had to come see this one!'"

    - Dennis and Cathy

  • "The quality and beauty of the waterfall far exceeded my expectations! I have seen pictures of other water features that looked less than spectacular..."

    - Mike R.